Hong Kong learning expeditions, targeted seminars, market research tours and custom events that give you the inside edge

Strategic Intelligence

We know our city inside out. We're positioned to get you the critical information you need to advance your Hong Kong business strategy

Trend Spotting

Asia's fastest moving city is a bellweather for the the region. We've got the contacts and the intelligence to help you discover that next big thing

Expert Connections

Our network of experts is the most wide-ranging in the city. From media to finance, politics to food, we'll connect you with the innovators

Explore and Learn

A picture is worth 10,000 words, but a personal experience is priceless. Our custom learning excursions help you and your team gain invaluable insight

What We Do


Local Intelligence provides a unique set of services for entrepreneurs and executives coming to explore one of the world’s great business capitals: Hong Kong.


Our custom-tailored seminars, panels, familiarization tours, and on-site learning experiences give you and your team valuable local knowledge and context. We create market research and trend spotting tours that put you in the field to learn about your customers, and your competition. Our extensive expert network connects you with key local thinkers and innovators.


Hong Kong is famously fast-paced. (We say that a New York minute is a Hong Kong second!) We’ll help you maximize your valuable time and navigate the waters like a local. Whether you’re coming here for a specific opportunity, or seeking inspiration for your next business venture, we’re your Hong Kong connection.

Local Intelligence in Action

Case Study 1


Last-Minute Trend Spotting. We received an urgent email from a company that does trend spotting and learning experience tours for executives. They were flying 30 European execs to Hong Kong for a program–and the keynote speaker had just dropped out. They needed a high quality replacement seminar–in three days time. Could we help? Yes, we could. Here’s what we did.

Case Study 2


Export Turn-around: The agricultural ministry of a mid-sized country well-known for its food exports had a problem: export demand for its products in Hong Kong had plummeted. They sent a industry delegation to research our market, and fortunately they called on the Local Intelligence team to assist. Here’s the program we created for them–along with the extraordinary results.

Case Study 3


Checking the Competition. A worldwide online meal-delivery service with 600m capitalization was about to launch its product in Hong Kong, a market already dominated by a deep-pocketed competitor. How could they grab market share in a fierce environment?  Seeking local contacts and inside intelligence, they called on us –and we delivered.

Case Study 4


Legal Help. A large delegation of Silicon Valley intellectual property lawyers planned to come to Hong Kong for a convention.  They were eager to set up team-building activities, and to sample Hong Kong’s famous Chinese cuisine. But their firm’s California-based event planners had never been to Hong Kong, and felt out of their depth. Until they found us.

About Local Intelligence HK


Local Intelligence was created by Daisann McLane, a New York-born journalist and entrepreneur in Hong Kong since 2005. As an experienced expat who speaks Cantonese, her colleagues often tapped her to orient visiting executives, and explain the unique political, economic and social dynamics of Hong Kong.  From this experience, McLane realized there was a need for a new type of professional business service that provided what she was offering informally.


We offer our clients the insight and creative problem-solving talents that you’d expect from insiders with decades of Hong Kong experience. Our expert network ranges across business and professional sectors, from urban planning and politics, from food to finance.  Added value: Priority access to the resources of our affiliate, Little Adventures in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s premier luxury culinary and cultural tour company, for arranging dinners, cocktails, and team-building events.

Our Director, Daisann McLane

has been leading global and cross cultural conversations throughout her career. An award winning  journalist and entrepreneur with 18 years of experience at the New York Times and National Geographic, Daisann McLane has a deep knowledge of global culture, society and politics.


McLane is also the founder/director of Little Adventures in Hong Kong, a luxury culture and food experience company. An honors graduate of Princeton University, she’s presented worldwide at: Smithsonian Institute, The National Geographic Society, Cuba’s Casa de las Americas, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, TedX Hong Kong, and the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Hong Kong.

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